I grow vegetables to feed us, make natural ingredient creams, lotion and shampoo, cook all meals from scratch and detest E numbers. I live in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand

Today is another lovely summers day. It is too hot to be working out in the direct sunlight mid afternoon so I settled down in the cool of the lounge and cut up a lot of the used yoghurt and ice cream containers.

I have found that buying labels for plants and sowing seed, is an expense I can avoid, so I brave blisters and bruises to my hand and cut them out of the old containers.

Used yoghurt containers

Used yoghurt containers

These are one kg containers and give a nice long label. I also cut down ice cream container which give a smaller length label but are still  ideal.

Firstly I cut down one side then remove the bottom and cut off the double top edges. The top edge is disposed of in the recycle drum.


I straighten up the bottom, sides and do the same with the lid and cut into strips. When I decide my hand has had enough, I cut two angles off one end of each strip to make a point. I admit it is hard work, but considering pile below is only half of what I cut this time, I have a lot of usable name tags,  for nothing. Nothing  it is my kind of price.

This is what they look like when they are cut.


The Sharpie marker gives you and idea of the size.

Yoghurt containers give you one white side and one coloured but they are idea for single use labeling. I give away a lot of my plants so they are ideal for that. Sometimes I have scrubbed the old wording off and reused the same labels. I little bit of baking soda mixed into a paste with white vinegar and scrubbed on does the trick.

When I manage to find old Venetian binds at markets or garage sales, I snaffle them up as they make wonderful labels too. They are much easier to cut and point but usually dearer to buy. I go thru labels by the 100’s so cutting new ones is a job I do regularly.

When I sow seeds I pet the name, variety and date sown on each label. Plus I keep a data sheet of what I planted, when, in what and how many. Then I (try to remember) to add in the date they emerged and the date I potted them on or transplanted them into the ground. I am trying to be methodical.

Does anyone else have any ideas for labels or labeling?


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