I grow vegetables to feed us, make natural ingredient creams, lotion and shampoo, cook all meals from scratch and detest E numbers. I live in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand

I haven’t been around for the last couple of weeks because I am not well.

I have been having major Postural Hypotension……i.e. my blood pressure drops drastically when I stand up. It shouldn’t drop as much as it has been.. (systolic drop of 30-40) Everything would go black, I would lose my balance, feel nauseous, dizzy and hear my pulse race  and was even more clumsy than usual. So I am confined to barracks and having to rest it out.

Because this postural drop is not good for the body and my blood tests gave no real indication of what’s going on, we have had to resort to drastic measures. But because of my medical background, I am allowed to do this at home. I have had to go off my blood pressure medications, been confined to home and rest and no driving.  Last week I stopped the ‘widdle pills’ and went thru a few days feeling awful. I have had no energy or concentration and am bored, bored,  bored.

Yesterday I stopped the Metoprolol BP meds and today I feel very heavy, headachy and blah and spin out very easily. But I will get there. Next week when I am clear of BP meds, my doctor is going to start more tests to see what is going on. This is not something that can be put down to Fibromyalgia. My fibro pain is a little higher today but I am not bothered, used to that, plus the barometric pressure is high. The funny thing is my resting BP is really good thru all this (except for the drops). I am not to bend over or I lose my balance…. learnt that the hard way!!

Still, I will survive this and be glad when I can get back to (my) normal. I am missing being able to go swimming and exercising…. never thought I would say that!! No doubt all will come right and soon.

Oh One thing my blood tests did show, and I was not surprised, is that I am pre diabetic. But at the moment getting this postural drop sorted is the most important issue.

Will keep you posted.


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