I grow vegetables to feed us, make natural ingredient creams, lotion and shampoo, cook all meals from scratch and detest E numbers. I live in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand

I have also made a big health discovery…….. and a probably solution

During my illness, I ate no bread, really I lived on yoghurt or soup for about 6  weeks. I only ate to take the medications I needed while I had shingles. Read my posting –  Have you had shingles? I also had no Fibro pain during this time, nor did I have the dreadful sweats that were making my life so difficult. I have mentioned this in my Fibromyalgia Flare post. I think I have found the solution to these horrible sweats. Since eating normally, they have come back.

I reverted back to having toast for breakfast, cooked cheese puffs or muffins when I had visitors, had a pizza take away for a treat, and made some bread. Within a few days of eating normal food, my awful sweats and fibro muscle spasms and pain have come back, plus I have bloating, gas and untrustworthy bowel. I also have episodes of bad shingles pain, but hopefully that will ease since I have had my prescription for Gabapentin increased.

I started thinking back over what I ate or didn’t eat when I was sick and had no sweats and what has happened since then. I realised I was eating wheat again and could I be gluten intolerant. I stopped eating all gluten products and after 5 days I am feeling a lot better. Last night is the first night I slept well without playing the constant blankets off, blankets on game.

Yesterday I saw my doctor and discussed this with him. He looked back over previous blood tests and said I was tested for gluten intolerance in Jan 2013 and in 2008. These tests were all normal. I do not have a gluten intolerance but may certainly have issues with hybrid wheat which is what all of todays wheat crops are. He suspects  it is the polysaccharides in the hybridised wheat that is causing me problems, and I do not digest or assimilate them properly. Evidently this is becoming very common among people as we ‘reach for a slice of bread for a snack’, grab a sandwich, bread roll or panini for lunch rather than it being eaten with a meal or once a day with a meal as it was in the old days (yes I remember those days).

Taking wheat out of my diet permanently may bring me back to the same state as I was while I had singles and BP issues and was eating very little…. i.e. I might continue losing weight and the sweats might diminish and my joint and muscle pains might too. Plus my bowel might settle down too.

I feel the sacrifice is well worth it. Doctor said not to substitute my previous bread intake with gluten-free bread, but do without. If I was going to have ham, cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch, just put double the ham, cheese and tomato on a plate and eat that instead. Same with bacon and egg buttie – just eat the bacon and egg. If I need to do any baking that I am likely to eat, then use substitute flour – ie gluten-free or different grains. I have been looking at recipes and have found so many – GF Blueberry Muffins….. am going to try them tomorrow for lunch. I have started having porridge for breakfast, made with rolled oats, quinoa and amaranth…. I’ll post the recipes in the next few days and get some pictures.

Today is day 5 and I am starting to feel so much better. I had less sweats last night and slept very soundly. My bloating has gone too. Still have fibro pain, but it is mid winter here and its very, very cold at times. I’ll keep you informed.

Has anyone else got this wheat issue? I would love to hear how you have modified your eating and what you eat now.  How has it affected your general health, weight loss and wellbeing? I would love some feedback


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