I grow vegetables to feed us, make natural ingredient creams, lotion and shampoo, cook all meals from scratch and detest E numbers. I live in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand

Today I feel blaah. At first I thought it was the increase in the dose of Gabapentin I am taking for residual shingles pain, but am now doubting that.

I think I might be going thru wheat withdrawal.

I feel slightly tipsy, have no coordination – the egg that went between the bench and stove and down between the wire rack and baking tray, when it was meant to go into the pan, testifies to that. I also feel headachy and lack energy. My joints are aching and my fibro pain is medium. I feel sort of ‘fizzy’, like getting a quickly passing ‘zit zit’ of vagueness and disorientation. Weird eh? But that is well-known. Bowel motions are a better consistency and colour….Too much info? Sorry but no other way to state that more delicately.

Today I have eaten my oat, quinoa and amaranth porridge (photos and recipe tomorrow I hope), mid afternoon I made wheat free muffins which I really liked but the male of the species  (MoS) ate one and refuses to be a guinea pig any more. Tea was potato rosti, bacon and eggs and a fried bread for  MoS to get back into his good books. I also had a muffin and am trying to resist the urge to have some ice cream.

I stepped on the scales today and was pleased to find I have lost a further 500gms since Friday. I weighed in before going to the Doctor and his scales made me a little lower than mine which is nice to know, but either way I am down 15 kgs since I was weighed there in February. Yeah I feel smug but very justified. Heaps more to go tho…. but a fabulous start. Oh OK, I would like to lose another 20 kgs, or get down to a size 16 (NZ sizing) dress size, whichever comes first.

Another thing we have been doing. About Feb we decided to eat healthily and fresh and cut margarine and oils out of our diet. No more cooking with oils, but I am using dripping or butter. You should have tasted that rosti done in dripping…. num num. For MoS’s toast and sandwiches and other things needing a spread, I use my Homemade spreadable whipped butter. I have to make another batch of that tomorrow. I use 2 x 500gm (lb) blocks of butter a a time and it does us about 8 weeks. I used to spend $4.65 every fortnight on margarine, now I spend $7.00 each 8 weeks or so.

Just think, if I hadn’t gotten sick and basically stopped eating, I wouldn’t have  worked out my issues with wheat. Will keep you posted.

How are you other wheat free people getting on?





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