I grow vegetables to feed us, make natural ingredient creams, lotion and shampoo, cook all meals from scratch and detest E numbers. I live in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand

Thought it was about time I let you know how being wheat free was going. It’s going great.

I have adapted very easily to no wheat in my diet. Much easier than i thought actually. I don’t miss bread and have behaved well. With only one cheat.

The other night, after the make of he species had a wee win on the pokies at the pub, he came home and said he wanted hot and spicy KFC for tea. Oh nooooooo, my favourite. OK I relented and thought it would be a way of finding out how I was going. So I ate my beloved hot and spicy.

An hour later I felt like the Michelin man. I was very bloated and very ‘vocal’ with it. I had tummy ache when I went to bed.

Next morning…. I had to delay swimming by an hour. Then after swimming, I had to stay with in 5 meters of the bathroom. Oh I was a sorry sight.

Ok so you might say it could have been the hot and spice seasoning…. well I have never had this before from eating it. Nope, I am pretty sure it was the flour in the batter of the crispy coating.

Will this stop me eating hot and spicy KFC? Um…….maybe……..possibly…….could do. But I might just make sure the next day is a home day so I can suffer in silence.

But this has proven I certainly am wheat sensitive. There is no way I am going back. I feel much better wheat free. I have also cut my caffeine back. I only drink one coffee a day. Herbal tea does not quite do it first thing in the morning. 10 days in and my sweats are really diminishing. Cross fingers on that for me.

Next step? Cut out sugar completely. Stevia and Splenda (for baking) will become my new best friends. Healthy life – I am on the way.


Comments on: "One month wheat free" (2)

  1. Chris Armstrong said:

    Hi Mari ,,,where do you get your stevia and how do you like the taste?? The one I have seems to leave a slight bitter after taste similar to those nasty artifiicial sweeteners

    • Hi Chris. I got a box of sachets from Countdown. They had two brands. Because I only use it in cooking – like my porridge – I only use about 3 sachets at a time. I find it fine, have not noticed any aftertaste. Might be different in Coffee tea etc but I drink mine straight. Brand is Natvia grown in Australia. I got the sachets first to see how I like it. A week on, am finding it good.

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