I grow vegetables to feed us, make natural ingredient creams, lotion and shampoo, cook all meals from scratch and detest E numbers. I live in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand

I am sitting feeling a tad sorry for myself today. For the 2nd time I have had same ingrown toenail removed. The surgery was done early this morning and the painless injection is starting to wear off, so I need some distraction. I got myself  all settled out on the patio in the sun, and wouldn’t you know it…. it clouded over. Ever have the feeling things are against you? Well the toe will heal but it does take a few days to settle down.

Last week, I made up more of my Homemade Gel Toilet cleaner. As per usual I made a mess on the bench getting it into the dispenser bottles, so I wiped it up and sat the cloth on the dirty oven rack I had sitting on the bench, needing attention. After finishing the gel I went back to tidy up and took the cloth off the rack and was astonished to find, that where it had been sitting, was no longer greasy brown, but spotlessly shiny. The little grey cells started churning and I put some cleaner on a clean damp cloth and left it another 10 minutes. Again…. it was spotless under it. Hmmm, I thought, this has real possibilities.

I grabbed my phone and took a photo of the disgustingly filthy trays. (hiding my face in embarrassment) …………


Not quite sure how I could cover the whole tray at once, I wondered how immersion would go, so I filled the sink with very hot water and added 3 Tablespoons full of my Toilet Gel Cleaner and swished it around. I sat the tray in the water and left it for about 10 mins then lifted it out.  I had done nothing other than soak at this stage and he is what I found….


The grime was just falling off. I grabbed my trusty little dish brush and gave it a gentle rub. I won’t say scrub, as no hard work was required. …………


I quickly repeated for the other end and the job was done. I finished the job without the usual broken fingernails and bruised knuckles and associated cursing. There was no hard rubbing or scrubbing, it all just brushed off and washed away.

I did find this worked a lot easier by having the water pretty hot. It is no longer a job I will leave until its a real mission as this was just so simple.

Yet another use for my Toilet cleaning gel.

I managed to get some salad oil spilled down the front of my nice light grey cotton tee shirt the other day. I was not able to change so had to just leave it for several hours until I got home. I knew it was going to stain and wondered what I had that might dissolve it. I grabbed my toilet gel dispenser and spread a little of it on the shirt, rubbed it together and tossed it into the washing machine and forgot about it. The next day it went through the normal washing cycle and as I hung it on the line to dry, I remembered the satin and looked, but could see no trace of it. I looked again once it was dry and ALL traces of the stain had gone.

I wonder what else it might work on. I’ll keep you posted.



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