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Homemade deodorant recipe

While I had the coconut oil out, I made more of my beeswax deodorant. This is the recipe I have been using for years.

Now one thing you need to realise is, this is a Deodorant, not an antiperspirant.  The difference is that you will still perspire, but this inhibits the bacteria that give you the sweat smell. This is a very natural product and does not have aluminium in it that commercial deodorants do. The use of aluminium is now being looked at seriously as there are believed to be a serious link to lymphatic and breast cancer.

Because of my age and also fibromyalgia, I have a real sweating problem. I know the common saying is that ‘horses sweat, gentlemen perspire and ladies ‘glow’ ‘. Believe me, I am well past glowing and there are prolonged times when I really ooze sweat. It is very unpleasant for me and anyone else near me, but because there is no way to prevent this. I also use this under my boobs and under all other bulges too. It prevents the awful sweat rash us bigger girls are susceptible to.

Because this is a solid deodorant, you need either a push up or screw up tube to keep it in. I am having difficulty finding a supplier of them here in New Zealand, but I have seen them on overseas sites. If anyone knows where I can buy them here, I would love to know. I have half a dozen that I recycle after a  trip through the dishwasher.

The oils I use have been chosen for their antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. I don’t use tea tree oil because it irritates me, but I love the fragrance combination  these oil make. This mix  is enough to fill 2 x 65 gm tubes shown.



My Homemade Deodorant


30 gm Beeswax

45 gm cocoa butter

45 gm coconut oil

15 gm maize or corn flour


5 gm oil*


10 drops white thyme essential oil (EO)

10 drops rosemary EO

10 drops clary sage EO

10 drops palmarosa EO

10 drops lavender EO

(* I use Hemp seed oil, safflower oil or macadamia oil as they are less likely to absorb into the skin.)


In a 1 cup glass jug, melt all of (1) in short bursts in microwave, or in a double boiler,  until melted.


Add (2) and stir.

Add (3) and stir to combine all oils

If you are using bottom fill  tubes like the ones I use, make sure you have all parts.



Put the little oval cover on the top of the tube, followed by the lid.


Turn the tube upside down and using a small funnel and another hand to hold it steady, start pouring in the waxy mix until about 1/3rd full.


Leave this for about 10 minutes to start to set. Usually there will be a hole form in the wax as it sets. Reheat the jug and repeat the pouring until 2/3rd full. Do not be tempted just fill the tube in one go as the wax will sink as it cools and the hole that forms, will prevent the wind up mechanism from working. Let this new layer set then repeat until it is just below the circle of the winder. Keep any left over wax until you know the tubes are full the next day. I pour it into a large spoon to let it set so it can either be melted again or stored for reuse.P1010517

Carefully move the still upside down tube to the refrigerator and leave over night. This is essential as the winder mechanism will have nothing to grip into if it does not set completely solid.

Next day, check to see if there is a melt hole in it and melt the saved wax and fill it again if there is. Chill again over night. If no need to refill, you are good to go.

Firstly take off  the lid and remove the oval cap that acted as an end cap inside the lid. Save this as you will need it next time you make more. Check to see if the wheel and winder will work. If  it doesn’t, then look at the wheel and thread and using a pointed knife, clear any wax overfill that is preventing it moving. A splash of hot water can be all that’s needed to free it up.

Now there should be a little circular disk that presses into the base wheel, but mine have long since gone. Once everything is working, push in the circle disk to the bottom.

There is no need to keep this in the refrigerator, but let common sense prevail and do not leave it sitting in the sun. Mine resides in the drawer of my bedside table or the bathroom cupboard and the other is usually in my handbag. I have never had it melt stored this way.



My homemade toothpaste recipe

I have been using my home made tooth paste for more than a year now and have found it to be extremely good. Its simple to make and another nasty free product to my arsenal of homemade natural products.

Over the last few years I have dropped off the chemical users list. I now make all my cleaners, hair and skin products for as close to natural ingredients I can. Because I have Fibromyalgia and because it now understood to be a chemical disruption to our nervous system, I figure the less chemical I put in my body, the better chance I have coping with this condition.

Lately I have been running out of several of my ‘potions’ so have been making up new batches. Today it was tooth paste and deodorant. I have been out of toothpaste for over a week and grabbed the ‘reserved for guests’ tube of commercial toothpaste from the cupboard and used it. Oh my stars – my lips felt burnt and my mouth became so dry after using it, I could not produce saliva. It was dreadful. So for the next few days I just used dry baking soda, which was excellent but I felt it dried my lips badly. I missed my homemade toothpaste badly.

There are a lot of different recipes available and all will work fine, it really comes down to personal choice. It is simple and took less than 8 mins to make.  This is how I do it.


You will need a sieve, teaspoon measure, small glass bowl, spatula and small glass or plastic pot that will hold 50mls of paste.


3 tsp coconut oil

3 tsp baking soda or salt or mix of both

**1 tsp maize corn flour (see confession at bottom of my post)

1 tsp glycerin

1/2 tsp hydrogen peroxide 3%

7 drops sage oil

3 drops peppermint oil.

Put baking soda in the sieve and press it through.


Put coconut oil in the sieve next and using the spatula, rub it thru the sieve. If it is too solid to do this, just put it in the bowl and mash it into the baking soda using the back of a spoon or the spatula. Measure the glycerin, peroxide and oils into the bowl and using a spoon or spatula mix or mash to get a paste consistency.


Once happy with the smoothness, put into a container and seal. Do not completely fill the container, leave some head space (see ** below)


This is enough to do me about 6 mths as I use an electric toothbrush. I find this so much easier as brushing my teeth with a conventional brush was painful on my arms. If you are needing more for a family, then change the teaspoon measure for a tablespoon. You could give each person there own pottle or supply a little plastic spoon for extracting the paste from the pottle.

As I said, there are a lot of recipes available and some people say don’t use glycerin. I chose to use this as the option of using xylitol sweetener, to me is horrendous. The instructions say ‘lethal to dogs or cats “. Yet people put this in their mouth??? Others say no to hydrogen peroxide, I am trying it this time to see if it will help two teeth that are root filled and getting discoloured.

It is each to its own, but when I consider the quantities that are being used times the number of cleans I get from the batch, it is minimal. I guess people who use xylitol have the same way of looking at it.



In the photo of ingredients, you may notice there is a container of maize flour. Why u might ask…. welll…. The maize flour and baking soda are in similar containers and I accidentally put one teaspoon full of maize flour into the coconut oil before I realised my mistake. It was too late to remove it as it was a hot day and the coconut oil had melted in the heat and the cornflour soaked in. Instead of discarding the oil and flour, I left it there and put in the 3 tsp’s of  baking soda as the recipe. Did it spoil the product?

Heck no… it improved it.

I was astonished when I went to use it later to find it had fizzed up a bit and completely filled the wee pottle, and the texture was much smoother than previous batches. In future, I WILL be adding the maizeflour – has to be better than the chalk and clay some recipes add. I have also noticed it has taken the sharp aftertaste of f the baking soda. 

So in conclusion, my error was very beneficial. Isn’t there a saying about that somewhere??