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How to build a Raised Vegetable Garden

I now have 5 raised vege gardens. The 5th was moved into place and filled on Sunday. We have used 1.2m x 16cm x 2cm fence palings for the frame. Each corner has block inside, down 1cm from top and bottom so all frames can be stacked and locked together. I have chosen to use them 2 high which gives a good 30cm deep garden. I know this will sink down over the first few months but I can top them up each time they are planted.

Once the frame was in place, I put a lining of black nonwoven weed mat onto the ground and lapping up the sides a little. Next a layer of flattened cardboard boxes followed by slices of meadow hay. I spread some sheep pellets on this and wet it down, then the 2 bags of shredded newspaper I have saved and wet these down also. Another thick layer of straw followed along with the old straw from the chooks nest boxes and this was watered. More sheep poo pellets were sprinkled on then 3 bags of ‘garden gro’ from the local landscape centre. I left this as it was without further water as I knew we had rain forecast for Monday. Yes it did rain.

Latest vege box at the rear.

Latest vege box at the rear, as yet unplanted

I haven’t planted anything yet as I am going to try planting by the moon. I see that Wed and Thurs of this week is the time to sow root veges. I will plant carrots, parsnip, swede, beetroot and kohlrabi.

It will be the first time I have grown swede and kohlrabi. Swede was a vegetable I never liked cooked as a child as it was grown for sheep fodder on our farm. Dad always gave me swedes and one day I roasted some with other veges… I loved it and realised what I had missed all those years. I now eat it mashed on its own or in a pumpkin, parsnip, carrot and swede mash.

I prefer to grow Heirloom seeds where possible and have just received my order from  Kings Seeds today. I have included Belgian White Carrot and Beetroot Golden Globe. It will be strange cooking white carrots as they look very like radishes. I am determined to have variety and colour in my winter veges so have also gone for coloured broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts.

Does anyone else grow unusual coloured vegetables? Do you prefer heirloom or hybridised plants?