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Homemade Gel Toilet cleaner.

I just had to share this. I made it last week and have no photos to share of this as yet.

I finally used the last of my toilet duck type gel toilet cleaner and had been thinking what I could use in its place. Having just trained the male of the species to actually use this product, I knew it had to be simple but effective and be in the original under the rim type squirt bottle. So, I cleaned out the container and rummaged for ingredients. I know people use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning (I do) but knew I could not get them to remain in a suspension as the baking soda would be hard to dissolve. So here is what I did.

Homemade Toilet cleaning gel.

You will need –

1 litre (quart) jug

Balloon whisk or stick mixer

teaspoon and tablespoon measure

small funnel

clean under the rim type goose neck squirt bottle


500 mls very hot tap water+|*

3 tbsp washing soda

3 tbsp borax

1 tsp xanthan , guar gum or agar gel powder

15 drops of antibacterial essential oil of your choice. I used lavender, partly due to its antibacterial properties and also the fact it was the same fragrance as the last of the purchased stuff. You could also use – tea tree oil, thyme, rosemary or any others with antibacterial properties.

*Do not use boiling water as it can be flung out of the jug while beating and burn you. Hot tap water does the trick and is safer.


Put very hot water into the jug, add borax and stir rapidly until it is all dissolved. Do this quickly as it can set like stone if not completely agitated.

Once the borax is dissolved, add washing soda and stir in, followed by gum powder. Mix this thoroughly as any lumps will block the squirt nozzle.

Add in the essential oil and mix further, then add cold water to make up the volume of your recycled bottle. Mine was 650 mls. Mix again.

This did not appear very gel like at this stage but I poured it in the bottle and hoped, knowing xanthan thickens as it cools. It did gel more as it cooled and I just shake the bottle each time before using and so far, no one is the wiser.

I am very pleased with this and would not alter the recipe next time. The porcelain receptacle is brilliant white and shiny. The only thing I would do different is  make it in the kitchen and use my stick mixer next time as the balloon whisk made it harder to get the borax dissolved when I made it over the bathroom basin. It works just like the bought stuff but is a fraction of the cost. The washing soda and borax I always have on hand for making my laundry wash and I have xanthan gum for my cooking and some of my other potions, so this is a very easy and cheap mix to make up. My guess would be about 20 cents to make?  That is better than the $4 or more for the retail stuff and healthier and kinder on the environment. It took me about 5 minutes to make up. The hardest thing was figuring out how to fill the swan neck bottle.

Let me know what you think!!