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Wheat free porridge

As promised, here is the recipe complete with pictures.

Porridge before adding milk and extras.

Porridge before adding extras like fruit, nuts or sweetener.

Now you can either put this all in a pot the night before and leave it to swell and absorb the milk over night or just get it read in the morning. It is essential to precook the quinoa and amaranth though. Cook like rice – 1 cup in 2 cups water but no salt is needed or do in your rice cooker. Water, soy milk, rice milk or any other substitute milk can be used. I use milk as I do not drink milk and am getting to the age where I need to build up my calcium levels. My daughter just uses water.

You can use other grains or seeds too. Buckwheat and Chai I believe are worth a try as well


1/2 cup Rolled Oats

1/2 cup precooked quinoa

1/2 cup pre cooked amaranth

(add sugar or sweetener here if you wish – to taste)

1 to 1 1/2 cup milk  or other liquid combination(this will depend on the oats you use. If  you use quick oats, you will use less milk. I use raw oats so it needs to absorb more liquid)

1tsp salt.

stir milk and grains before putting on heat.

stir milk and grains before putting on heat.

Mix grains together in a saucepan with the salt and milk and put on a medium high heat. Stir constantly until porridge boils.


Lower heat and stir until the desired thickness is reached (is about 8 minutes for me)

Remove from the heat and leave to cool a couple of minutes before carefully tipping into a bowl.

At this this stage I stir in any fruit or nuts, or just add milk and sweetener.

Lately I have been using coconut sugar and adding about 2 tsp while cooking.

This is enough for one good bowl full, enough for one person. I find it deliciously filling and am sure it is helping with my energy levels. I imagine this could be done in the microwave for people who do not like standing stirring, but I find it therapeutic first thing in the day. Time to contemplate the day ahead.

Ready to eat, with milk and coconut sugar.

Ready to eat, with milk and coconut sugar.

I would love to know of any other ideas you have for porridge. Will you let me know below please?



Wheat free – day 9

Wow do I feel a different person. I am 9 days wheat free and doing well.

I have got over the light headedness, thankfully and really feel so much better. My energy level is 10 times what it was last week and I have so much I want to do, I don’t know where to start. I am finally getting on to jobs I have sat and tried to ignore for the last 3 months. Alas they have never gone away, but waited for me. Typical.

My tummy is a little fragile tho, but I have read this is common, getting rid of the toxic overload from the wheat. Luckily the house is small and I don’t have far to run.

My night sweats are lessening too. I am still having the odd one but not the dozens like I did. I have very few over the day as well.

I am managing the new eating regime well. Porridge for breakfast, lunch varies between eggs and bacon, or rice cakes with ham and cheese or else just fruit and yoghurt or anything else that catches my fancy. I plan on buying a lettuce so I can use the leaves as wraps with ham, capsicum, cottage cheese, tomato etc. Nacho’s is another option with corn chips. My tea is meat and veges and any snacks during the day can be fruit or rice crackers. It is all going well with no slips or cheats and I feel like a new person.

Male of the species is adamant he will NOT go wheat free. I look at my shrinking waist line and then at his expanding waste line (spelling is correct) and think Hmmm. We will see!!

More in a week. I’ll post a couple of recipes soon, when I remember to photograph the food before I eat it.

Wheat Free, Day 6

Today I feel blaah. At first I thought it was the increase in the dose of Gabapentin I am taking for residual shingles pain, but am now doubting that.

I think I might be going thru wheat withdrawal.

I feel slightly tipsy, have no coordination – the egg that went between the bench and stove and down between the wire rack and baking tray, when it was meant to go into the pan, testifies to that. I also feel headachy and lack energy. My joints are aching and my fibro pain is medium. I feel sort of ‘fizzy’, like getting a quickly passing ‘zit zit’ of vagueness and disorientation. Weird eh? But that is well-known. Bowel motions are a better consistency and colour….Too much info? Sorry but no other way to state that more delicately.

Today I have eaten my oat, quinoa and amaranth porridge (photos and recipe tomorrow I hope), mid afternoon I made wheat free muffins which I really liked but the male of the species  (MoS) ate one and refuses to be a guinea pig any more. Tea was potato rosti, bacon and eggs and a fried bread for  MoS to get back into his good books. I also had a muffin and am trying to resist the urge to have some ice cream.

I stepped on the scales today and was pleased to find I have lost a further 500gms since Friday. I weighed in before going to the Doctor and his scales made me a little lower than mine which is nice to know, but either way I am down 15 kgs since I was weighed there in February. Yeah I feel smug but very justified. Heaps more to go tho…. but a fabulous start. Oh OK, I would like to lose another 20 kgs, or get down to a size 16 (NZ sizing) dress size, whichever comes first.

Another thing we have been doing. About Feb we decided to eat healthily and fresh and cut margarine and oils out of our diet. No more cooking with oils, but I am using dripping or butter. You should have tasted that rosti done in dripping…. num num. For MoS’s toast and sandwiches and other things needing a spread, I use my Homemade spreadable whipped butter. I have to make another batch of that tomorrow. I use 2 x 500gm (lb) blocks of butter a a time and it does us about 8 weeks. I used to spend $4.65 every fortnight on margarine, now I spend $7.00 each 8 weeks or so.

Just think, if I hadn’t gotten sick and basically stopped eating, I wouldn’t have  worked out my issues with wheat. Will keep you posted.

How are you other wheat free people getting on?




Going Wheat Free.

I have also made a big health discovery…….. and a probably solution

During my illness, I ate no bread, really I lived on yoghurt or soup for about 6  weeks. I only ate to take the medications I needed while I had shingles. Read my posting –  Have you had shingles? I also had no Fibro pain during this time, nor did I have the dreadful sweats that were making my life so difficult. I have mentioned this in my Fibromyalgia Flare post. I think I have found the solution to these horrible sweats. Since eating normally, they have come back.

I reverted back to having toast for breakfast, cooked cheese puffs or muffins when I had visitors, had a pizza take away for a treat, and made some bread. Within a few days of eating normal food, my awful sweats and fibro muscle spasms and pain have come back, plus I have bloating, gas and untrustworthy bowel. I also have episodes of bad shingles pain, but hopefully that will ease since I have had my prescription for Gabapentin increased.

I started thinking back over what I ate or didn’t eat when I was sick and had no sweats and what has happened since then. I realised I was eating wheat again and could I be gluten intolerant. I stopped eating all gluten products and after 5 days I am feeling a lot better. Last night is the first night I slept well without playing the constant blankets off, blankets on game.

Yesterday I saw my doctor and discussed this with him. He looked back over previous blood tests and said I was tested for gluten intolerance in Jan 2013 and in 2008. These tests were all normal. I do not have a gluten intolerance but may certainly have issues with hybrid wheat which is what all of todays wheat crops are. He suspects  it is the polysaccharides in the hybridised wheat that is causing me problems, and I do not digest or assimilate them properly. Evidently this is becoming very common among people as we ‘reach for a slice of bread for a snack’, grab a sandwich, bread roll or panini for lunch rather than it being eaten with a meal or once a day with a meal as it was in the old days (yes I remember those days).

Taking wheat out of my diet permanently may bring me back to the same state as I was while I had singles and BP issues and was eating very little…. i.e. I might continue losing weight and the sweats might diminish and my joint and muscle pains might too. Plus my bowel might settle down too.

I feel the sacrifice is well worth it. Doctor said not to substitute my previous bread intake with gluten-free bread, but do without. If I was going to have ham, cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch, just put double the ham, cheese and tomato on a plate and eat that instead. Same with bacon and egg buttie – just eat the bacon and egg. If I need to do any baking that I am likely to eat, then use substitute flour – ie gluten-free or different grains. I have been looking at recipes and have found so many – GF Blueberry Muffins….. am going to try them tomorrow for lunch. I have started having porridge for breakfast, made with rolled oats, quinoa and amaranth…. I’ll post the recipes in the next few days and get some pictures.

Today is day 5 and I am starting to feel so much better. I had less sweats last night and slept very soundly. My bloating has gone too. Still have fibro pain, but it is mid winter here and its very, very cold at times. I’ll keep you informed.

Has anyone else got this wheat issue? I would love to hear how you have modified your eating and what you eat now.  How has it affected your general health, weight loss and wellbeing? I would love some feedback